Six Good Reasons for Taking the Burgundy Wine Tour

  • Beaune, where the tour is based, is in the middle of the Côte-D’Or and is the wine capital of Burgundy.
  • Burgundy is a premier French wine region and the gastronomic capital of France.
  • In Burgundy there are more Michelin starred restaurants than anywhere else in France.
  • Burgundy is the home to the Pinot Noir grape and the only red wine produced here. Chardonnay is the major white wine, while bubbly wine, Crémant, is also produced in Burgundy.
  • Burgundy is known for its cheese, mustard and cassis production.
  • Culture and heritage rich, Burgundy has many well-preserved examples of Romanesque architecture and places of interest, as well as fine art collections, museums and a literary heritage.

The Burgundy Wine Tour

This tour will best suit someone who:

  • Has a passion for the finest in food and wine.
  • Wants to experience Burgundy from the local perspective rather than as a tourist.
  • Prefers small group travel, (maximum of eight people).
  • Wants a tour with flexibility.
  • Prefers a tour with one-off all-inclusive fee.
  • Wants value for money. Comparable European-based tours are considerably more expensive.

Your Burgundy Wine Tour Hosts, New Zealanders, Richard and Lynley Bunton

They have established many good local contacts and an excellent local knowledge of the Beaune area.

They offer an authentic experience of Burgundy and not one reserved for tourists.

As the founder and  director/shareholder in Central Otago’s Rockburn Wines, Richard has a keen and abiding interest in Burgundy wines, especially Pinot Noir.

Your Burgundy Wine Tours Accommodation and Base for the Tour

Your base for the duration of the tour is a luxurious five-star bed and breakfast, La Terre D’Or overlooking the town of Beaune and run by Jean-Louis, Christine and Vincent Martin. This is a large modern house with an underground cellar that also has a spa.

Accommodation is in spacious rooms with generous ensuite facilities.

Extensive grounds, beautiful garden and well-preserved natural environment with swimming pool.

Information About Burgundy Wine Tours
  • Burgundy Wine Tours is a wine tourism company. We are currently  offering week long accompanied tours of Burgundy using the wine capital, Beaune, as a base.
  • Tours are aimed at those with a genuine interest in wine and food wishing to learn more about the Burgundy region in a memorable and enjoyable way.
  • The week long tour starts and ends in Beaune. It is envisaged that those on the tour will combine it with further travel in Europe.
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